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David Fuentes is Professor of Composition and Theory
at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he composes concert and liturgical music for chamber ensembles, solo instruments, orchestra, and chorus.
He also writes music for theater, musical theater, film, television, dance, and integrative collaborations with
visual artists, here and abroad. Fuentes has been invited to lecture on contemporary composers, film music, music vocation, and the place of music in human flourishing. He is currently working on This is Your Heart on Music, a book which explores ways to make everyday music listening more devotional—inviting the Spirit to challenge and encourage us through the songs we love most.


The recipient of a fair number of commissions, grants,
and prizes, Fuentes’ accolades include: the League International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM)
Leo Snyder Prize in Composition; Wellesley Composers’ Conference, Fellowship Composer; Illinois Music Educators Association Prize in Composition; M. Gordan Fellowship; Irving Fine Fellowship; Remis Fellowship; Lilly Foundation for Vocation Research; Calvin Research Grant; Presser Scholar Award; and Laureate of the Lincoln Academy.


David Fuentes

1321 Hope Street SE

Grand Rapids MI 49506


David grew up in the south suburbs of Chicago, spent a few years in Iowa City, then moved to Boston, where he met his wife, Jazmyne, a television producer and editor, specializing in ethical, religious, and social justice issues. 
They now live in Grand Rapids, Michigan with their two teenagers, Jasper and Ruby, and share a charming, drafty house with their gentle K9 companion Trumann.  Jasper excels at guitar (finger-picking style) and photography
(he took most of the photos on this site). He tries to beat his dad at pun wars, and frequently comes up with several each day that are absolutely awful. Ruby is exceptionally gifted with horses and animal training, and is emerging as a very adept and creative henna artist.

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